The HOLISTIC approach to healing the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT has been in use with great success for centuries. More so in the East where people give much greater attention to the complete human being. In contrast to this is the Western approach of living a fast life and when the body does break down eventually, we once again go for the QUICK FIX of operating or using drugs which in the long run cause more compilations than the original problem.

Acceptance of a more holistic approach has been very slow in conservative areas of the world, our country, our Free State Province and our fair City of Bloemfontein. Fortunately this has been changing rapidly over the last year or so and more and more people are realizing that in order to change the body and allow it to HEAL ITSELF, you have to heal the mind first.

There are various methods of doing this. They range from very traditional practices such as Meditation and Yoga to more specialized methods such as Angel Readings, Crystal Healing, Spirit Release and Regression Hypnosis.

None of the methods used are dangerous, as a matter of fact, they are most probably the safest methods of healing known. Much safer than anesthesia, operations and vicious drugs. The worst that can happen to you is that the treatments do not work fast enough for your liking.

We specialize in the following Holistic treatments and the list continues to grow as we qualify ourselves further.


Lightarian Reiki

Angel Readings

Crystal Healing

Past-Life Regression

Age Regression


Spirit Release Therapy

Soul Retrieval Therapy

Inner Child Work


in between lives

past live regression

clearing vows

spiritual contracts

A wise man once said the following when asked if he believed in “everything” holistic. He said, “I do not like all the items on the menu of my favorite restaurant but I always try something new. It is the only way to find out if ignorance has caused me to live a life less perfect”.