Welcome to ReLive Wellness Centre. My name is Leonie and this is my official website designed to inform you of my spiritual expertise and how I can guide you through the magnificent workings of the Angels.

I am based in Bloemfontein, Free State but offer sessions via skype. Contact me via my “BOOK A SESSION” page for more information as to how this can be done.

Our Angels have a large influence on our daily lives and therefore we need to tap into their energies to accomplish a communication level aiding them to assist us n to the path that we envision for ourselves.

Through all my offered methods, I can assist you to connect with a more spiritual you as a whole.



I found Leonie on the internet.

My little girl of 2 years old had recurring dreams every night and woke up terrified.

Working with Leonie we could remove the energies in my home, and also the past live that was connected to this dreams.

I could be a surrogate for my little girl and asked her Highest Good if we could dot this work for her.

She sleeps through every night.

Thanks to you, Leonie, we all have a rest full sleep

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