Welcome to ReLive Wellness Centre. This website is designed to inform you of Leonie’s spiritual expertise and how she can guide you through the magnificent workings of the Angels. Leonie uses a lot of hats to help her client find peace of mind, inner healing, and remembering that they are all part of the Light.

Leonie is  based in Bloemfontein, Free State but offer sessions via skype. Contact her via my “BOOK A SESSION” page for more information as to how this can be done.

Our Angels have a large influence on our daily lives and therefore we need to tap into their energies to accomplish a communication level aiding them to assist us n to the path that we envision for ourselves.

Through all Leonie’s offered methods, she can assist you to connect with a more spiritual you as a whole.


My Life Activation Session with Leonie

I often found myself waking in a dark and dormant state. Stress battering me on a daily basis. Depressed more often than usual with no glimps of sun in my life. I decided to take action the only way I knew how, so I consulted Leonie for answers and I agreed to have a Life activation session with her. I can say thank you for that session because not only have I surpassed these anxious emotions, I found my inner peace and creativity within me. I feel alive and aligned.

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